Migrating a project to VIP 9x from VIP 8x

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Harrison Pratt
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Migrating a project to VIP 9x from VIP 8x

Unread post by Harrison Pratt » 8 Apr 2020 14:04

Here is a strategy that I used to migrate a project with my personal library packages from 8x to 9x:

Copy your 8x project to new working directory
Open the copied project <myProject>.vipprj with VIP 9x. You can do this with right-click from Windows Explorer after you copy the project.
Do not build the project yet.

Open Project Settings dialog from main main
Remove any Include Directories that reference your 8x-specific library code folders and add any folders that you need for 9x library code.
Update Build Options, Version Information and Run Options as desired.
In the project tree window, right-click and Remove From Project any of your 8x-specific library packages. Note that these are not automatically removed from the project when you remove the 8x library Include Directory. If these remain in the project tree in addition to the new copy of library code things will become very confusing to the compiler.

Right-click the <myProject> in the project tree window and add any desired personal 9x library code. This will probably be just a copy of your current 8x library code if it is your first project migration.

Now build the project and accept all prompts from the IDE, adding All requested packages. You can safely Fix Errors regarding "Scope or namespace 'xxxxx" is opened, but it is not used." Keep rebuilding the project until you get a clean build with no more errors.
You will find that 9x wants a project tree that is "tidier" than your 8x project. Keep working on your library packages structure until you get only resourceIdentifier errors

Deal with resource ID errors: Search resourceIdentifier.i to find any new IDs for your resources and replace the old ones with these IDs in your .PRO code where the errors are flagged. Do not edit resourceIdentifier.i. You may need to rebuild the project several times until the IDE stops prompting for more additions.

Note: Optimal Set of Include Directives seems to do some optimization, even though it raises an exception. It is helpful to use OSID periodically.

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Thomas Linder Puls
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Re: Migrating a project to VIP 9x from VIP 8x

Unread post by Thomas Linder Puls » 10 Apr 2020 11:49

Build 904 reverts to the old (Visual Prolog 8) resource id naming conventions.
Regards Thomas Linder Puls

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