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Tonton Luc
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Maximized message window

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Is it possible to maximized dynamically the message window ?
Harrison Pratt
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Re: Maximized message window

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In TaskWindow do something like this (with some extra manipulations):

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facts     msgForm: messageForm := erroneous. predicates     onShow : window::showListener. clauses     onShow(_, _CreationData) :-         This:setClientSize(1000, 700), % make the application client window a little smaller         center(), % center on desktop         MessageForm = messageForm::display(This),         msgForm := MessageForm, % save for access elsewhere         MessageForm:setVerticalSize(messageForm::parentRelative(0.97)), % 97% of parent window         MsgControl = MessageForm:getMessageControl(),         MsgControl:setLines(5000), % so don't lose early lines when writing to the Messages form         MsgControl:setFont(vpi::fontCreateByName("Consolas", 10)).
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Thomas Linder Puls
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Re: Maximized message window

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I think you are asking about:

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To bring it back to normal/restored state you use the wsf_restored flag.

You should however notice that maximizing is for all the MDI child windows; either the MDI parent displays the child windows maximized or at their "restored" size. There is no setting where some children are maximized and other restored.
Regards Thomas Linder Puls
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