MPI (Message Passing Interface) with PDC Prolog

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MPI (Message Passing Interface) with PDC Prolog

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Greetings and hope you all enjoy the forth coming festive season and release of the the next Star Wars
move. Lets hope Disney does not muck it up. :D

To avoid re-inventing the wheel etc. Has anyone started or got something small to work where by two or more copies of the same PDC Prolog program have been run on separate machines but communicated with each other via MPI. Yes you can run them on the same machine as well.

To get started by myself. The steps that I feel would be required is to translate a MPI library header file into a Prolog .CL file with all the types and names etc.

Then start calling these routines like MPI_Init(...... and test if it works.

There does appear to be unicode overloaded extensions/versions of the library functions so they should work with Prolog just fine for string marshaling.

If there are any posterior biters please advise me.

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