Where can I use the classInfo predicate?

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Ferenc Nagy
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Where can I use the classInfo predicate?

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constants className = "Message_Window_NF/message_Form_NF".     classVersion = "$JustDate: $$Revision: $".
Where can I use the classInfo predicate and the className and classVersion constants, respectively?
Which keywords can be substituted in it, beginning with $?
Are they used by the system somewhere, like in expection handling.

May I freely replace the exotic constants by speaking ones, like this?

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constants     className = "Place Set".     classVersion = "Set of places must be visited.".
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Frank Nagy
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Thomas Linder Puls
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From vip 7.4 and forward classInfo, className and classVersion no longer serves any purpose. When you create new classes these entities are no longer created. Old code can still have them, but as mentioned they doe not server any purpose.

They were used in by the exception system, but the exception system no uses the programPoint's instead.

"$JustDate: $" and "$Revision: $" is used with our version control system Vault (from SourceGear) (but recall that classes no longer uses classVersion for anything).
Regards Thomas Linder Puls
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