Consult does not like class qualifiers. Does it?

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Peter Muraya
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Consult does not like class qualifiers. Does it?

Unread post by Peter Muraya » 18 Sep 2015 7:51

I moved (by cut and pasting) the following facts from the code to an external file for consulting. There was a runtime problem that I traced to the data:: qualifier. Is that not legal? If not, what would be the reason?

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/* This database keeps track of fields from which a user can infer how data is to be used, i.e., for identifying other data or for describing existing ones.*/ data_use_field_fact(data::name, "name"). data_use_field_fact(data::name, "value"). data_use_field_fact(data::name, "id"). data_use_field_fact(data::title, "title"). data_use_field_fact(data::title, "description").
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Thomas Linder Puls
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Unread post by Thomas Linder Puls » 18 Sep 2015 8:24

A saved fact database will never (and may not) contain class qualification. When saving/consulting a file there cannot be any ambiguities and subsequently there are no qualifiers. It could of course be made legal to have them anyway, but we have never really considered this.
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