How to get a data from text file

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Tonton Luc wrote:Hi,
Try this :

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login(Nama,Password) :-     user(Nama, _, _, _, _, Password),     S=string::format("Welcome '%' ",Nama),     vpicommondialogs::note(S),     !. login(Nama,_) :-     S=string::format("sorry but you're not welcome '%'\n...because your name is not in personDB.txt.",Nama),     vpicommondialogs::error(S).
It's not work, it always not found in database.

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couple of quick questions (sometimes the obvious escapes us :oops: ):

1. is the user fact base loaded into memory yet?
2. is the NAMA and PASSWORD variable bound with exactly the values that are stored inthe user fact base?

an extra space or even a different capitalization of letters will cause the search to fail. As your code is written, it requires an exact match of both the NAMA and PASSWORD (to include the character sets used)
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