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How to build your application helpfiles

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Just a starter for people who are not sure on how to manage and make help files. This is how I do it.

1) Create a folder (called "help") under your main VIP7 project folder (where the *.prj6 file is).
2) Under "help", create a folder structure and a bunch of empty *.html files named with the help topic names you need. The folder structure (at least with VCHM 4 below) is duplicated in your final help file.
3) In the VIP7 IDE, add these html files to the project.
4) In IDE menu item "Tools - Configure Tools", for tool 1 (say), browse and add NETSCAPE.EXE in column 3, and add ($file) in column 4

Netscape <b>7.2</b> can be downloaded for free, and with this version you get a good, free, WYSIWYG HTML editor.

So now in the IDE, focus on an html file, and press CTRL-1 to open the selected file with the Netscape browser. Then press CTRL-E to open the editor.
5) Finally, to create your project CHM file, see: ... -free.html
I use VCHM 4.0 - I haven't tried the others. With this, you just open the top level "help" folder, import all folders and files below it (a single action), compile, and the CHM file is created.
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