Dialog and Window Expert(Problem)

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Dialog and Window Expert(Problem)

Unread post by daveplummermd » 11 Mar 2020 1:04


After adding a new menu item using the dlg presenting by double-clicking "taskwindow.mnu" in the project tree, the behaviour of the "dialogue and Window Expert" preseting after double click of "taskwindow.win" is changed/lost.

For example, double clicking on the unhandled event (see image below) results in NO activity. There is no automatic insertion of code and scrolling to that code. There is no activity.

Can you help?


refer to :
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/JlgUU ... no-tmp.jpg
Dave Plummer

Harrison Pratt
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Re: Dialog and Window Expert(Problem)

Unread post by Harrison Pratt » 11 Mar 2020 2:48

I have had that occur with projects in which I have several code editor files open. It seems that the code actually is inserted but taskwindow.pro is not brought to the foreground. Sometimes there is a delay in response if the computer is busy doing other things. I got in the habit of clicking the [Add] button instead of double-clicking to insert code because it seemed more predictable. It's behaved that way for me in Vip 8x and I wouldn't be surprised to see it in 9x, which I have just today installed.

I consider it a quirk, just like the way the IDE buttons (e.g, [C] or [E] ) occasionally may not respond to a mouse click unless you first click on the desktop or another application.

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