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I have publishedthe TestDraw graphical program of the wiki.

Goal of The Program

The TestDraw program is a standalone graphical program separating the task of the experiments with the colors, drawing modes and sizes rectangles for labels, scales and useful plot area. The program is suitable for the design of plots consisting of one or two overlaid sets of results which can be displayed as closed polygons and their diagonals, or unclosed branched polylines, whose edges and vertices are labeled. The program has such a built-in database of the background and foreground routes where distinct and overlaid edges and vertices are present.

The settings selected by the user describing the properties of the figures are saved for future usage for TestDraw program itself or future programs which use the data structure of the settings. The complete test plots and the windows explaining the drawing operations can be saved also for later inspection.

Special features of the program

The settings are not edited using a grid but they are displayed in small tiled forms. The edges of message window of the program are located using absolute and relative displacement measured from the corresponding edges of the task window of the program. The location of the message window determines the area reserved for the small tiled forms and the plain test figures. The program has a complete help system. Each menu item and form is described in its proper separate help topic. The program can make figures from input files created by external programs obeying the restrictions of the structure of sample data described in the topic Layout and Elements of the Drawn Samples.

Summary of the Programming Tricks

The educational goal of this program is the publication of some programming tricks, namely

Object Oriented Rectangle Handling,
Tiled Arrangement of the Forms in their Original Size,
Inherited Handling of the Analogous Buttons of the Forms,Invocation of the Online Help,
Extensions of the Standard Window Menu,
Enhancements of the Creation and Destruction of the Message Window,
The Size and Location of the Message Window Follows the Changes of the Task Window.
Invocation of the Online Help.

Installation and archives

Only the archive of sample data files is attached to this announcement because the others are too big.
Sample data files
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Frank Nagy
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