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Mixed language error validation messages of integer and real controls

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Mixed language error validation messages of integer and real controls
In my thread on the Visual Prolog branch I asked about the creation native language messages issued by the validation of integer controls.

I have attached the result of the disscussion to this post.

Usage: Insert into the form creation the russian::setRussianIntegerMessages() predicae call.

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clauses     new(Parent) :-         formWindow::new(Parent),         russian::setRussianIntegerMessages(),         generatedInitialize().
The original message format in the pfc-file contradict with the validation rules in the file. The correct message should be "...greater than or equal...", "... less than equal ...", respectively.

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errorMessage_illegalValueMinimum = "% must be greater than %".     errorMessage_illegalValueMaximum = "% must be less than %".    checkMinMax(_Value) = string(string::format(errMsg_illegalValueMinimum_fact, getLabel(), minimum_fact)) :-         maximum_fact = default_maximum,         !.       checkMinMax(_Value) = string(string::format(errMsg_illegalValueMaximum_fact, getLabel(), maximum_fact)) :-         minimum_fact = default_minimum,         !.    
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