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fred malack
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Help me to fix this button.

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Hello i need help unfortunately when i was designing
The dialog i deleted the default ok button
And i placed another button i want when i click ok to close it.

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     Predicates         OnOkClick : button :: clickResponder.         clauses      OnOkClick(_Source) = button:: defaultAction.                _ = listparent::destroy(This).
It gives me error.
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Tonton Luc
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Try this :

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      clauses      onOkClick(_Source) = button:: defaultAction.                destroy().
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Thomas Linder Puls
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Buttons have a Style property, with possible values Regular, OK and Cancel.

One button on the dialog can have Style=OK and one button can have Style=Cancel, the rest should have Style=Regular.

So if you give your new button OK-style, and remove the handler you have attached it will work like the OK button you have accidentally deleted.

However, if you want to destroy the dialog yourself, you should call the dialog's destroy.

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predicates     onOkClick : button::clickResponder. clauses     onOkClick(_Source) :- button::noAction :-         destroy().
Regards Thomas Linder Puls
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