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isApi, webQueryString and urlDecode packages

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I have been working on an update to the ISAPI integration, and some other WEB support stuff.

Actually, it is long ago I have worked on it, and it will take long time before I can work on it again. So instead of just letting it grow old for no purpose, I have decided to post it here as is.

The isApi package has more or less reached its final state. So has (as far as I recall ) the webQueryString and the urlDecoder package has, but the xhtmlOutputStream package does not have its final form.

For my test purpose I registered it as an vip extension script engine (see images). Meaning that any url in the isApi WEB with extension vip (e.g. http://localhost/isApi/ppp/ will invoke isApiDemo.dll. Notice that I didn't select that the IIS should check for file existence, so the isApi is invoked even though there is no file corresponding to /ppp/
isApi demo project
(30.1 KiB) Downloaded 1258 times
Extension mapping
Extension mapping
extensionMapping.png (10.96 KiB) Viewed 14342 times
Application configuration
Application configuration
applicationconfiguration.png (28 KiB) Viewed 14342 times
WEB properties
WEB properties
webProperties.png (34.12 KiB) Viewed 14342 times
Regards Thomas Linder Puls
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