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Posted: 11 Jan 2013 17:47
by Remuar

The target is hit! Thanks to Thomas, Luc & others like B.Hooijenga
New to ViP I set myself the target to learn by doing a somehow more ergonomic family4.
On the way I suffered & learned a lot, most fundamental was :

- there is a helpfull & knowleged community
- a class is only the blue print for creating usefull objects
- only objects can be manipulate & used
- predicates are NOT subroutines which can be called like in other languages
- all the actions should take place in the open dialog or form, crossover was not easy
- form was easier to understand as dialog (in this project of course)
- ViP is addictiv but rewarding
- I am still a very beginner but a happyer 1

so here the fruit which close all the posts on this topic.
There is still room for improvment because I have not rewriten the querydialog & I have two W662 I couldnt eliminate without distroying the house of cards