Catching maximize and minimize events

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Catching maximize and minimize events

Unread post by Steve Lympany » 8 May 2011 18:52

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clauses     new(Parent):-         formWindow::new(Parent),         generatedInitialize(),         addNativeMessageHandler(nativeMessageHandler).     predicates     nativeMessageHandler : window::nativeMessageHandler. clauses         nativeMessageHandler(_Source, gui_native::wm_size, _WParam, 47908248)= defaultNativeHandling :-!,                 vpiCommonDialogs::note("Maximized"),         nativeMessageHandler(_Source, gui_native::wm_size, _WParam, 12779880)= defaultNativeHandling :-!,                 vpiCommonDialogs::note("Restored").           nativeMessageHandler(_Source, gui_native::wm_size, _WParam, 0)= defaultNativeHandling :-!,                 vpiCommonDialogs::note("minimized").           nativeMessageHandler(_Source, _Message, _WParam, _LParam)= defaultNativeHandling .
I don't know what the constants are - 47908248 and 12779880


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