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Screen Capture project

Posted: 21 Sep 2010 18:58
by Steve Lympany
Find attached a VIP3 project that captures the screen (picture), and displays it in a form.

It is simply an update of Rob K's work (Vitalik) (thanks Rob)

The project contains his dll in the EXE folder.

Maybe there are other ways, without the need for the DLL....??


Posted: 22 Sep 2010 8:07
by Vitaly Markov
I did capture of the screen (static picture only) as follows (2000 year, Visual Prolog 5.2):
1. The size of task window should be maximal.
2. The window should be transparent.
3. Capture of screen (VIP5.2):

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  task_win_eh(_Win,e_MouseDbl(_PNT,_ShiftCtlAlt,_Button),0):-!,         H = vpi_GetAttrVal(attr_screen_height),         % get screen height         W = vpi_GetAttrVal(attr_screen_width),          % get screen width         PICTURE = pict_GetFromWin(_Win,rct(0,0,W,H)),          % capture         PICTURE1 = pict_Rotate(PICTURE,pictRotate_180deg),  % rotation of "screen"         pict_Draw(_Win,PICTURE1,pnt(0,0),rop_SrcCopy),        %  :-))         pict_Destroy(PICTURE),         !.
This code till now works.
I believe, that the main idea is made in points 1 and 2.