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Static class consoleExt (Visual Prolog 7.2)

Posted: 31 May 2009 8:27
by Vitaly Markov
The consoleExt is the extension of the pfc class console and consist of predicates for input-output color text:

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writeColor(Attribute, ...) % writes color text setAttr(X,Y,Attribute) % sets attribute in position X,Y writeChar(X,Y,Char) % writes Char in position X,Y (cursor position does not vary) Attribute = getAttr(X,Y) % gets attribute from position X,Y Char = getChar(X,Y) % gets character from position X,Y fillAttribute(X,Y,Number,Attribute). % sets attributes for a specified number of character cells, beginning at the specified coordinates fillChar(X,Y,Count,Char). % writes character specified number of times, beginning at the specified coordinates(cursor position does not vary) setCursor(X,Y) % sets cursor position
and conversion predicates:

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attr_colors(Attr,BackGroundColor,ForeGroundColor) (i,o,o) % converts Attribute to pair (BackGroundColor,ForeGroundColor) attr_colors(Attr,BackGroundColor,ForeGroundColor) (o,i,i) % converts pair (BackGroundColor,ForeGroundColor) to Attribute color_IRGB(Color,I,R,G,B) (i,o,o,o,o) % converts color to IRGB-components, IRGB={0,1} color_IRGB(Color,I,R,G,B) (o,i,i,i,i) % converts IRGB-components to color, IRGB={0,1}
Folder Example contains class consoleExt (folder consoleExt).