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The static class "Frequency word book (FWB)"

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The static class "Frequency word book (FWB)" for VIP7.0 is offered to your attention. This class realizes 20 predicates for transformation of lexicon of texts to binary trees and researches of frequency properties of texts. The class is not localizated for the certain language. Therefore it is sensitive to morphological changes of words, for example: words "go, going, gone, went" are different words from the point of view of the FWB.
Predicates of this class carry out: creation, addition and reduction of FWB on the basis of entrance texts; join, intersection and difference of FWB, calculation of some quantitative characteristics of FWB, and also a print of the small dictionary (~100 words) to the console in the simplified treelike presentation.
ZIP-Archive of console application (fwb_console) and fwb class.
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