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Custom Control: Mozilla

Posted: 17 Jun 2006 8:11
by Kari Rastas
Simple custom control for the use of Mozilla in Visual Prolog.

This example is made on the basis of Gildas Menier's testIE example program.
As from the code can be seen Mozillas interfaces are almost equal to Microsofts IE's.

Mozilla's ActiveX can be loaded separately without installing the whole Mozilla. The activeX package can be found from

(This example demands the Commercial Edition.)

Posted: 14 Aug 2006 23:35
by Kari Rastas
VIP7 version

Posted: 31 Mar 2014 16:49
by drspro2
Can anybody give more hints for how to make a Firefox Mozilla custom control the same as the webbrowser example form the Vip 7 examples directory?.

Or is it best to take the com example and link in the mozilla library? but how,

in this link i find an exe:
should i run this exe? will it install the mozilla dll ?