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pdcVipSolutions (release 3) from PDCSPB

Posted: 2 Apr 2020 18:42
by Victor Yukhtenko
SpbVipSolutions release 3.0 (built by VipCe v.9002)
OpenSource (MIT License)

Available at

Information on the pages

New: Applicaiton Frame - a project template for creating a set of variants of the same application based on the BackEnd-FrontEnd concept.
WorkSpace Manager is a project and application that allows:
  • Collect in one place all the files (with any extensions) that the user is currently working with
  • Group files by topics, processing methods, functionality and so on.
  • Assign each type of file (the type is determined by the extension) from 1 to 4 different operations (execution, editing, compilation, etc.)
  • Perform the operations, assigned in this application on a file individually or on a group of files
If you have the noncommercial Vip version, then you may run ready to use examples and applications (included).

Version 3.0

The main content of PdcVipSolutions for today is
SpbProjects (key items)
WorkSpace Manager - see the Description
SpbSolutions (key items)
  • Application template FeBe (client-server application) - see the Description
  • Packs - Supporting mentioned projects, examples, and templates
SpbExamples (key items)