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PdcVipSolutions from PDCSPB

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The full OpenSource version of the SpbVipSolutions tools, samples and applications is published on GitHub.
The start page with brief information is placed on the page
There is also a link to the corresponding repository in GitHub.

All descriptions, and Help included.

All the tools and examples of this software set are compiled with the latest version of VIP9. if you do not have Vip9ce the tool may be used without compiling a project for everyday needs (not necessarily of a programming nature).
In addition, if you have a set of Vip projects, you can use almost any version of Vip8 (but there must be a Vip builder) to build them.

The starting point was to modify the PDC's SolutionManager (in Vip/Bin). Any communication appreciated.
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Victor Yukhtenko.
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