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Life game

Posted: 27 Apr 2016 17:16
by Ferenc Nagy
Many thanx to everybody who have answered my questions emerged during the development of my wiki contribution, the Life game ... :Life_Game, from November 2015 to present.
Detailed description in progress.

Posted: 5 May 2016 4:45
by globaltechno
is this Game play?

Posted: 6 May 2016 8:27
by Ferenc Nagy

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1 ooooo ooooo ooxoo ooooo ooooo   2 ooooo ooxoo ooxoo ooxoo ooooo   3 ooooo ooxoo oxxxo ooxoo ooooo  
The game has three outcomes:
1) All inhabitants die out.
2) You achieve a steady state.
3) The picture of earlier generation is repeating i.e. the film is periodic.

Fourth possibility does not exist because the grid and the number of possible states of its cells is finite.

Change the rules for birth and death, and try again:
If an empty cell has two inhabited neighbors it becomes inhabited.
If an inhabited cell has exactly 3 inhabited neigbors then the central cell becomes empty.