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Kolly Adex
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chaindb btrees

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What dues 'chaindb btrees' stand for?
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Thomas Linder Puls
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The term chainDb is short for chain database, which as the name indicates is a database (of terms) where the data is stored in chains. But how the database is structured internally is not really important. The important thing is that a chainDb is a term storage, and that it (provided the terms does not contain predicates or objects) can be stored persistently in a disk file.

bTree is short for B+ tree and is a special kind of indexes that are well suited for storing in fixed size blocks like disk blocks.

We do not encourage the use of these data storage means anymore, they are mainly available for backwards compatibility.

For in-memory (non-persistent) data handling you should use object, fact databases and the especially collection library (maps, sets, queues, ...). And for persistent (across sessions, users, etc.) data storage we strongly recommend using a real database and especially to remember to use its backup facilities.

So my recommendation is that since you are not already familiar with these things you should simply forget about them.
Regards Thomas Linder Puls
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