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Erkki Laitila
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Need for a knowledge browser

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There is a need to capture object oriented organization knowledge to be transferred into another disciplines in an academic project. Has anybody written a generic knowledgebase, which should allow meta structures and inheritance to be used in search and presentations?

The most relevant properties are: database model and a simple browser, perhaps some displays showing records in relation to others.

I know that VIP IDE is a knowledge browser, a large one, but I mean something rather simple, which could be tailored. The record data model of the database is a generic matrix (5 x 5 or so), each cell containing formulas or text, like Excel does.

This knowledgebase is easy to be programmed by VIP, but if somebody has already written the skeleton, it should save much time from me... :?
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Paul Cerkez
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Have you looked at the Axon Idea Processor by Chan Bok?

It is written in VIP.
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