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Martin Meyer
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Number type conversion issue

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Hello Thomas, hi all,

I found, that the compiler (7.4 build 7402) does not accept these constant declarations:

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constants     lowerIntegerU8 = uncheckedConvert(unsigned8, lowerbound(integer8)).     lowerIntegerU16 = uncheckedConvert(unsigned16, lowerbound(integer16)).
But with larger types it is working fine:

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constants     lowerIntegerU = uncheckedConvert(unsigned, lowerbound(integer)).     lowerIntegerU32 = uncheckedConvert(unsigned32, lowerbound(integer32)).     lowerIntegerU64 = uncheckedConvert(unsigned64, lowerbound(integer64)).     lowerIntegerUNative = uncheckedConvert(unsignedNative, lowerbound(integerNative)).
Many regards,
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Thomas Linder Puls
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Thank you, for letting us know, we will of course solve the problem (but with low priority).

Though the code seems a bit silly you can write like this:

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constants     lowerIntegerU8 = uncheckedConvert(unsigned8, convert(integer8, lowerbound(integer8))).     lowerIntegerU16 = uncheckedConvert(unsigned16, convert(integer16, lowerbound(integer16))).
Regards Thomas Linder Puls
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