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Posted: 19 Jul 2013 18:47
by whyteian
Gildas Menier wrote:Arsaniit is down for the moment but his may help you (sorry for the format it is a copy/past of the arsaniit page) :
Apologies for duplicating this post. It was initially posted in the service_api topic but I thought it sufficiently important to re-post at this level. Does anyone know the status of the website by any chance? I have been trying to access a few Visual Prolog resources unsuccessfully over the last couple of weeks and noticed this previous post from early last year noting the site was down at that time. Thanks.


Posted: 24 Jul 2013 20:01
by Gildas Menier

I am sorry for the problems with Arsaniit. This site is now mainly a crash test site for some web tests and not a personal Visual Prolog code repository anymore. I have not been using Visual Prolog for month (years ?) for some reasons that are of no interest here - I think the last version I have is 7.2 or maybe 7.3.
I used Arsaniit to share some of the codes I made as a supporter/fan of VP and I am afraid my code could need some fixing for 7.4 (which I don't have). More or less (and for this reason), I think my code is now useless - I don't want to make it available as it and puzzle newcomers with unfunctionnal code.
Of course, if there is some piece of code you are interested in, please feel free to pm and I will do my best to find it and send it to you (without any waranty that is may still work).
I am sorry about the bad links to arsaniit that may remain in the wiki - I can remember I told Thomas (a few years (?) ago) that I was going to switch to something else and that my code was available if needed - and that arsaniit will be down, and so the links.

There are many very nice and friendly VP gurus (Hi Kari, Thomas, Jan and all the others), and I think you should find much more answers asking them than digging in my deprecated code :wink:

Best regards


Posted: 2 Aug 2013 14:40
by whyteian
Hi Gildas,

Thank you for your kind reply. I completely understand. I myself only recently acquired VP 7.4 after a being absent for some time (7.2). I do recollect seeing some very interesting projects of yours previously and may take you up on your offer at some point. Until then I have a lot of re-learning to do.

I will check in with Thomas about editing the links.

Best wishes,