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tracing and antivirus

Posted: 5 Nov 2012 16:50
by dominique f pannier
I'm using the last antivirus version of Kaspersky (2013).
Since I installed that version, when tracing a program VIP works very slowly. Without antivirus, VIP works normaly.
I tried to exclude from the analysis and the survey of the system by the antivirus vip.exe and the .exe application file on which I'm working, whithout any result.

1) Does anyone encoutered the same problem and found any solution ?
2) Is there a special .exe file in the bin folder launched when clicking in the trace icon ? If yes, I could try to exclude it from the antivirus investigations... :roll:

Posted: 5 Nov 2012 22:29
by Thomas Linder Puls
What do you mean by "when tracing a program"?

Can Kaspersky show which files it scans (or the last file scanned) in real time? That may show which files that cause the problem.

Posted: 6 Nov 2012 7:40
by Tonton Luc
Hi Dominique,

:idea: Maybe trying to exclude from survey only the folder where files are created tracing (not applications in this folder).
...because Kaspersky analyse (?) all new files created in your machine.

Posted: 6 Nov 2012 9:14
by dominique f pannier
Hi Tonton and Thomas,
sorry for rough explanation. What is in question is the debug run.
When I use the "Step over" (F10) command to go to the next line, whithout this antivirus, it's instantaneous. When it works, between one anf five seconds. the "Run to cursor" (Ctrl+F10) command runs quicker, almost immediatly. In addition, to leave the debug mode, it's necessary to close the project window.
It's always possible to work like that, naturally, but it's very frustrating to have to wait to go to the next line...

I'm using the basic release of this new antivirus. In that one, I did'nt find any information about the real time scanned file.
It' possible to exclude trusted applications, and to exclude modules protections (watching the system, analysis, antivirus files...) on specified objects, like folders. I tried the whole combinations whithout result.

It seems that this antivirus is a kind of beta release. On the other hand, protection uses more and more complex algorithms, in watching the system when it works.

So if you can give me informations upon a specific folder used during the debug process, I can try to exclude it. Upon a specific .exe, .cmd, .bat, .com file launched when debugging, I can signal it as trusted application. Failing which, il will reinstall the 2012 release.

Posted: 6 Nov 2012 10:01
by Thomas Linder Puls
Perhaps it is scanning the debug info files. It is the files in the obj directory with other extensions than obj (*.scope, *.deb).

Posted: 6 Nov 2012 10:08
by dominique f pannier
Thanks, Thomas.
I will try.