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Posted: 8 Feb 2012 11:03
by drspro2
if you create an object with
Obj = ::new(),

does one has to close the Obj ?

and if so , how?


Posted: 8 Feb 2012 11:13
by Tonton Luc


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Posted: 9 Feb 2012 7:43
by Thomas Linder Puls
I am not sure what you mean by close?

You don't have to "close" objects, but some objects represent external resources like files, ODBC statements, graphical devices, etc and some such external resources may need to be closed or released in some ways.

By the way, you cannot create objects with ::new, you either have to write a class name in front of '::' or remove '::' to mean the class in which you are inside.

Posted: 9 Feb 2012 9:48
by drspro2
for example in my cgi program

i create an object with

Obj = gmtTime::new(),

so at the end of the cgi program
i do not have to explicitly close it to release memory ?


Posted: 9 Feb 2012 10:38
by Thomas Linder Puls