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UI designer & trouble

Posted: 12 Dec 2010 19:21
by Gildas Menier

I have trouble with the interface designer and custom control (VIP 7.3). When I create a new custom control (or draw control) the 'event' part of the UI Designer remains empty. I contacted the support for this problem (and they answered me very fast - thank you). Anyway, I cannot succeed in making the designer event part appear. Does anyone has this problem too and (more important) do you have a workaround ? Perhaps a hotfix ? I really like 7.3 (long way since 6.3 ;) ) and I (badly) need this feature.

thank you !

best regards

Posted: 12 Dec 2010 20:31
by Steve Lympany
Hi Gildas,
Starting with a new project, and creating a new drawControl, the events tab shows an empty events list (in the IDE properties dialog). But after it's compiled, the list is populated (for me anyway).

Otherwise you can add your own listeners too - or am I not looking at the right area?


Posted: 12 Dec 2010 20:39
by Gildas Menier
Hi Steve,

Thank you for trying. This probably means that my install could be corrupted (?). I'll try to reinstall it.

- edited - reinstall does no good. When I create the control with default status, the event tab is populated (see the picture : the custom control huihui.ctl is ok and works perfect - with a populated event tab -). But for instance, the custom control gigi (sorry for the silly names) in ../../gfc displays an empty event tab (even after compiling it). All controls are created by the VP IDE.

(by the way, I use namespaces for file, list etc)

Best regards


Posted: 17 Dec 2010 8:26
by dominique f pannier
Same constatation than Steve. I'm using more than one usercontrol (or drawcontrol) in an application without problem after compilations.

Posted: 17 Dec 2010 23:19
by Thomas Linder Puls
Hi, Gildas. Do you still have this problem? I imagine that you have tried to rebuild the entire project?

Posted: 18 Dec 2010 10:36
by Gildas Menier
Hi Thomas,

Yes. As a workaround, I create now the controls in the default directory and move the generated code to the target directory and then manually patch the .pack, .ph code to deal with the directory change. It works that way. Not very practical (!), but it works anyway.

Not a big deal, if I am the only one with this issue (this seems the case). I can go on this way.


Posted: 18 Dec 2010 19:24
by Thomas Linder Puls
So you have the problem when the control is in ..\..\gfc\..., but not when it is below the project directory?

Is there also a namespace difference?