createAtomic vs. createNonAtomic

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Matthias Greving
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createAtomic vs. createNonAtomic

Unread post by Matthias Greving » 19 May 2009 14:49


while converting an application into Prolog 7.2 I had to replace my binary::create statementes with createAtomic or createNonAtomic. That led to the question: is there a gideline or golden rule when to use Atomic and when to use NonAtomic space?


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Thomas Linder Puls
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Unread post by Thomas Linder Puls » 19 May 2009 17:05

The rules are very simple:
  • If the binary does not contain any pointers it should be atomic
  • If the binary do contain one or more pointers it should be non-atiomic
I belive Carsten Kehler Holst made detailed descriptions of this and other memory issues in the VIP-ALC 2008 conference papers
Regards Thomas Linder Puls

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