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Neural network & Visual prolog

Posted: 13 Oct 2008 13:34
by tsegaw
Dear sir

In the course of doing my thesis, I have a plan to integrate visual prolog and the fast
artificial neural network libraries(FANN) to develop a prototype expert
system using the hybrid approach(I use visual prolog for the rule based
part and FANN for the neural network module)

Please help me on how to compile the FANN libraries and use them (call) in the
visual prolog environment.

Best regards

Tsegaw kelela

Posted: 13 Oct 2008 16:24
by Paul Cerkez
Are you planning on developing the FANNs in VIP or including them from another existing DLL?

If from another DLL, search the existing threads for interfacing with DLLs. there has been a lot of discussion on them.

f building them directly in VIP, then you could simply include them as a class in the main application (which is what I am doing in a very simialr endeavor).


Posted: 14 Oct 2008 9:19
by Gildas Menier

visual prolog and neural network

Posted: 14 Oct 2008 12:51
by tsegaw
Thank you friends!!
I have understood that I should first compile the FANN libraries in visualC++ and then include the .lib files in VIP .

But I still encounter a lot of errors while I try to compile the libraries in visual prolog(I guess because of syntax errors in the C++ functions).Could U please explain to me the procedure in more detail maner?(sholuld I remove some of the functions?......)