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Prolog and games

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Hi ,
Would anyone tell me about interesting games developed using Prolog (specifically VP)?
Games like board games ,mind ones etc. I feel that there should be more such programs
but there are not that much or I am mistaken, if so why?
Eduardo Costa
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I have seen many interesting games in Visual Prolog; a few years ago, Alex Soares created bindings for Direct X, and developed a few impressive games in Visual Prolog 5.2, like a Doom like first person labyrinth adventure game. Having seen Alex's work, I am convinced that Visual Prolog is perfectly suited for video games, provided that one has bindings to 3D libraries, like Direct X and Open GL. As for board games, like chess, they require a lot of computation, and Prolog may not be fast enough for the task.
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Thanks for the code and info they seem useful to me. 8-)
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CalmoSoft Puzzle Game in Visual Prolog 7.5

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Look at this: CalmoSoft Puzzle Game in Visual Prolog 7.5

CalmoSoft Puzzle Game Demo


Gal Zsolt
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