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zoom in sciLexer

Posted: 17 Nov 2023 9:40
by Gukalov
Ctrl + mouse wheel calls zoom in sciLexer.
How to switch it off?!

Stupid stopper:

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        Lexer:zoomEvent:addListener({ :- Lexer:zoom := 0 }),
does not work correct in some cases.

Re: zoom in sciLexer

Posted: 21 Nov 2023 15:48
by Thomas Linder Puls
It is a "native" feature of the scintilla editor, and I don't know anything about it.

You could try to investigate the native documentation.

You may also look here:
and here:

Re: zoom in sciLexer

Posted: 22 Nov 2023 4:34
by Gukalov
Thank you.