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Dialog Window

Posted: 12 Oct 2022 10:37
by Ruppi_S
Hi, my Last Prolog was Borlandt Turbo Prolog 1988.
Now I want to start with Visual Prolog.
I have problems with the Visual Environment .
The example „ Pie“ Shows a Dialog window. In other forms I can
not found the Dialog Window. Only the Message Window.
Thanks for a help.

Re: Dialog Window

Posted: 13 Oct 2022 15:45
by Thomas Linder Puls
I am not sure which dialog window you are referring to.
Do you mean an editor?

Re: Dialog Window

Posted: 14 Oct 2022 9:16
by Ruppi_S
Thanks for the contact. I need such a dialog window in others forms.

Re: Dialog Window

Posted: 14 Oct 2022 9:31
by Thomas Linder Puls
OK, you want the console like window from the PIE application in another MDI application.

It is not common to have such windows inside GUI applications and it is not supported as a tool, it is in fact made specially for the PIE application.

To use it in another application you will have to copy the relevant code to your own project (or your own tools directory).

Alternatively, you may not really want a GUI application, but a console application that runs inside Windows console window.

Re: Dialog Window

Posted: 14 Oct 2022 9:46
by Ruppi_S
Thank you, learned something new again.