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Application start

Posted: 23 Jun 2022 14:40
by kimsmith64
Hello I am new to Visual Prolog and have been doing some work with the GUI software as I am wanting to build an application. I need to put an opening message up but more of a welcome screen. I know it is onShow: window (for the start window) but trying to use a form or a dialogue and getting flummoxed by the syntax.
Anyone can offer some help, guidance, where to look would be appreciated.

Re: Application start

Posted: 28 Jun 2022 8:12
by Thomas Linder Puls
Assuming that you have made an MDI application then you should create a form for your welcome screen. See Dialogs and Forms and How to use GUI Package in Visual Prolog.

In the form you can place controls. The about dialog in your project is an example of that.

Finally in taskWindow::onShow you should add a line for displaying your welcome screen:

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predicates     onShow : window::showListener. clauses     onShow(_, _CreationData) :-         _MessageForm = messageForm::display(This),         _WelcomeForm = welcomeForm::display(This).