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ViP 9x Dialogs in Vip 10x project

Posted: 5 Dec 2021 13:24
by Harrison Pratt
When I migrate a 9x dialog into a 10x project, the .dlg file is preserved and the Test Mode option behaves like it did in 9x, i.e., the dialog displays without the grid lines and clicking OK closes the test dialog, unlike 10x dialogs which requires clicking the [X] in the upper right corner to close ... and then requires re-opening the dialog being edited.

So, it appears that 10x preserves 9x dialog (and I presume form) editing in the original manner, but uses its own different mode for newly created dialogs. I am thinking that it might be better (for me) to create dialogs in 9x and then move them to 10x ... unless there are features in the 10x editor I am not seeing.

What would be a really nice future feature (for me) would to have a right-click option for the <dialogName>.dlg file in the dialog file tree that would Copy the dialog files to create a new dialog in the current project or to a different project.

What are your thoughts?

Re: ViP 9x Dialogs in Vip 10x project

Posted: 6 Dec 2021 10:31
by Thomas Linder Puls
Vip10 no longer uses dlg, frm and ctl file (unless they are for an vip5-style vpi dialog).

Everything is kept in the "automatic" code, to copy from one dialog to another you simply copy the relevant code including the "automatic" comments to the new location.

Old such files will stay on the disk, but the will not be used or updated.

Creating dialogs in Vip9 to get some files which are no used is "silly".

Re: ViP 9x Dialogs in Vip 10x project

Posted: 6 Dec 2021 13:03
by Harrison Pratt
The .dlg and .frm files ARE updated in a migrated project and the IDE does seem to be modal with respect to 9x vs 10x dialogs/forms.

Do you recommend converting 9x dialogs/forms to 10x ... and how would I do that?

Re: ViP 9x Dialogs in Vip 10x project

Posted: 6 Dec 2021 14:07
by Thomas Linder Puls
OK, I remembered wrong; there is a "transition state" in Vip10 (in next version the files will not be used).

You update dialogs by deleting the .dlg file, Vip10 does not need the file, but as you write it will use it if it is there.

I recommend deleting the files, when you are satisfied with your migration to Vip10. Once the files are deleted the "generated" code is the real source of the dialog. (And you can make "gentle" changes directly in that code).

It is important to delete the file at a point where the "generated" code is up-to-date.

Re: ViP 9x Dialogs in Vip 10x project

Posted: 6 Dec 2021 14:55
by Harrison Pratt
Got it -- thanks! :D