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Clone or Copy a Form or Dialog in ViP 10x

Posted: 4 Dec 2021 23:10
by Harrison Pratt
How can I clone or copy a form or dialog to another location in ViP 10x ?

Scenario #1:
In a tiny "scratch" ViP 10x development project I create a package with a variety of files (.i, .cl, .pro, .frm, and .dlg) but the .frm and .dlg files are virtual (purple colored file names) files that are not visible in Windows file Explorer.

How can I copy those .frm or .dlg files to another project?

Scenario #2:
I create dialog or form and want to clone it to another dialog or form with a different name so that I can build on what I have already done ... or I just didn't like the name of that form or dialog and want to recreate it with a new name. How can I do that in Vip 10x?

For Vip 9x I have a handy utility that copies the relevant <oldName> files to the <newName> files and replaces the <oldName> with <newName> in those files. After that is done, I just need to Add those into the package and I have a clone to work with.

Re: Clone or Copy a Form or Dialog in ViP 10x

Posted: 6 Dec 2021 10:23
by Thomas Linder Puls
Vip10 no longer uses dlg, frm and ctl file (unless they are for an vip5-style vpi dialog).

Everything is kept in the "automatic" code, to copy from one dialog to another you simply copy the relevant code including the "automatic" comments to the new location.

You may need to reopen the project to make the IDE detect that something has become a dialog.