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Prodoc error

Unread post by sbishop61 »

I am trying to use prodoc.exe to build documentation of the PIE project in the examples.
The @filename, PIE10Doc.txt, contains:
-d "C:\Users\steph\Documents\Visual Prolog 10CE Examples\pie"
-c *.png
-o sab
-e prodoc-err.log
-db sab.dba
-b sab\pie_cl.htm
and the result x32 is:

Code: Select all

C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Prolog 10\bin>prodoc @PIE10Doc.txt PRODOC. Visual Prolog Documentation Generator. Version % 10.0.1000.0Copyright (C) 2000-2018, PDC. C:\Users\steph\Documents\Visual Prolog 10CE Examples\pie\main.ph is parsed C:\Users\steph\Documents\Visual Prolog 10CE Examples\pie\main.pack is parsed C:\Users\steph\Documents\Visual Prolog 10CE Examples\pie\main.cl is parsed   ===== 2021-06-11 11:26:48 =======================     ---------------------------------------- Class not registered       HRESULT code = 2147746132     HRESULT hex code = 80040154     Component class identifier = {9992DF10-BA2D-4BAE-9CA1-81F2A99F2995}     Pointer to iUnknown interface = 00000000     List of class contexts = 5     Interface identifier = {958BAA8A-2CE9-4BDC-B477-F04EF91EF59F}   regdb_e_classnotreg_exception (exceptionHandling_exception) comCreation::createInstance pfc\com\comSupport\comCreation.pro(14,9) ---------------------------------------- d:\vp\release\10\_vip6\prodir\pfc\exception\exception.pro(201) C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Prolog 10\bin\vipKernel.dll (0x1400908B) d:\vp\release\10\_vip6\prodir\pfc\exception\exception.pro(201) d:\vp\release\10\_vip6\prodir\pfc\com\exceptionhandling\comexceptioncheck.pro(399) d:\vp\release\10\_vip6\prodir\pfc\com\exceptionhandling\comexceptioncheck.pro(350) d:\vp\release\10\_vip6\prodir\pfc\com\exceptionhandling\comexceptioncheck.pro(325) milhtml\import\iparsehtml_import.pro(9) milhtml\parsehtml.pro(14) overview\overview.pro(30) htmlgenerator\htmlgenerator.pro(618) htmlgenerator\htmlgenerator.pro(139) htmlgenerator\htmlgenerator.pro(32) prodoc7.pro(221) prodoc7.pro(331) prodoc7.pro(281) prodoc7.pro(264) prodoc7.pro(96) d:\vp\release\10\_vip6\prodir\pfc\windowsapi\exe_api\exe_api.pro(78) d:\vp\release\10\_vip6\prodir\pfc\application\exe\mainexe.pro(27) d:\vp\release\10\_vip6\prodir\pfc\application\exe\mainexe.pro(13) d:\vp\release\10\_vip6\prodir\pfc\console\console.pro(215) prodoc7.pro(918) C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Prolog 10\bin\vipKernel.dll (0x1400964A) C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Prolog 10\bin\vipKernel.dll (0x1400995D) tocgenerator\tocgenerator.pro(773) C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll (0x77D77A7E) C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll (0x77D77A4E) OS: Windows 10.0 Version 2009 (OS Build 19042.985) 64-bit Core   C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Prolog 10\bin>
When I try x64 nothing happens and no output or error:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Prolog 10\bin64>prodoc @PIE10Doc.txt

C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Prolog 10\bin64>
Any help appreciated.
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Thomas Linder Puls
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Re: Prodoc error

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Let me first warn you: prodoc is a very old program with many flaws, we hope to find time to get rid of it.

To solve the problem you see you must register the MIL HTML parser which is also present in the $(ProDir)\bin directory. It is a .NET COM component.

To register it you must start a command prompt in administrator mode and execute a command "like" this:

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C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\RegAsm.exe /codebase "C:\Program Files\Visual Prolog 10\bin\MILHTMLParser.dll"
You can use a RegAsm.exe from any vX.Y.Z directory, but it must be from Framework not from Framework64.
Regards Thomas Linder Puls
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