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IDE: intellisense autocomplete PFC classes

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I am probably making a basic mistake, but I was hoping that the IDE would provide autocomplete popups with PFC classes etc.

For example I add the Web/json package to the project and build. That adds in all of the required packages.

In the editor in a .pro file I type in JSON = jsonObject:: and it does prompt me with new which is great. However, I expected that after I had typed JSON = j, it would prompt with classes in the project starting with j, so jsonObject would have been an option.

Am I missing something?
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Thomas Linder Puls
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Re: IDE: intellisense autocomplete PFC classes

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When a package is added to the project it is available to use. But to use it from some other package there must also be an include directive (or a chain of such) that makes the package visible.

We have decided that the package should only be suggested if it is visible.

So initially classes and interfaces from the package is not suggested. But once you have used one name from the package (and compiled) the include statements will be updated and the package will become visible. By then the classes and interfaces from the package will be suggested.

By limiting the names to those that are already visible we hope that the suggestions is more relevant to the context you are in.
Regards Thomas Linder Puls
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