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VIP and web applications

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I am trying to understand how to open VIP applications to the web technologies.

I considered the CGI approach where the web pages would make requests to the VIP executable and this will return the page to display. Or even an executable called by the PHP code on the server and returning the data back to the php server.
But these approaches imply a short life of the executable (the second request will re-call the executable) and so are suitable for simple tasks. In the case of a VIP executable that loads large data and where the goal is reached sequentially, one might want this process to live longer until the complete task, probably from multiple requests, is achieved.
I then considered the file communication between the executable started on the server and the web server (PHP). In case it is possible to have an executable instance running in the background for long time, it could communicate with the php server via files: the php send requests and the VIP exe returns the data using files. This requires that both parts monitor somehow the message files to get the updated info.
However, this approach may not be fast as the monitoring interval may not be on every second.

Have you considered other solutions for exposing the VIP programs to the web?

Viorel Farcas
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Re: VIP and web applications

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See WEB services and the webService examples in the Commercial Edition examples.
Regards Thomas Linder Puls
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