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VIP 904 Class Creation may be incompletely registered file

Posted: 17 Apr 2020 17:49
by Harrison Pratt

Create a new console project
Create a new class 'test01' with interface in the project directory ( & main.pack)
Build the project and get Errors:

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Type    Action  Description     Filename        Path    e218            Unknown interface 'test01' in pack 'main.pack'      

The new class interface is not added to
I have to manually edit and add #include @"test01.i" file for the new class.

The above is inconsistent behavior. It repeatedly misbehaved with a three different tiny test console projects created from scratch this afternoon, but when trying again this evening it behaved normally. I never observed this when creating GUI projects with 9x. Perhaps it's a timing issue?

** Tried the above again this morning (4/19/2020) and the error is back.

----- On a related topic ----------

Also, the right-click context menu for Remove From Project is grayed out for the and files, but not for the test01.i file, so the only way to remove the class from the project is to delete or rename the files in Windows Explorer.

Also, in VIP 8x one could add a new class to a package by placing new files in the package folder and invoking New in Existing Package. The 8x IDE would then ask you about how to handle the existing files, but VIP 9x just silently overwrites those files. On the other hand, 9x will let you just Add them to a package.
Suggestion: An overwrite warning would be a useful addition to 9x: "Do you want to add these files or overwrite them?"

Re: VIP 904 Class Creation may be incompletely registered file

Posted: 20 Apr 2020 7:25
by Thomas Linder Puls
I have been able to reproduce (slightly different variants) of these problems, we will look at it.