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VIP 9.03 Optimal Includes Exception

Posted: 4 Apr 2020 16:18
by Harrison Pratt
VIP 903 raises an exception when running Optimal Set of Include Directives (OSID), even on an empty package. VPI 8x optimizes the original copy of the same project without complaint.

This happens on some projects, including virgin GUI or CONSOLE projects as generated by the IDE, but strangely not on one larger project. I have tried doing a "Repair" reinstallation of VIP 903, but that did not help.

While we are on this topic, could you please clarify the various options on the OSID form? What is the difference between [Safe Gen...] & [Generate], and what does [] Force do, exactly?

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Access is denied.   ---------------------------------------- Windows API call failed       userMessage = Access is denied.     ErrorDescription = Access is denied.     ErrorCode = 5     ErrorCodeHex = 00000005     API function name = SetFileAttributes     Filename = c:\program files (x86)\visual prolog 9\pfc\memory\     FileAttribute = 32   nativeCallException (exception) file::setAttributes pfc\fileSystem\,13) ---------------------------------------- d:\vp\release\9\_vip6\prodir\pfc\exception\ C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Prolog 9\bin\vipKernel.dll (0x14008B59) d:\vp\release\9\_vip6\prodir\pfc\exception\ d:\vp\release\9\_vip6\prodir\pfc\exception\ d:\vp\release\9\_vip6\prodir\pfc\exception\ d:\vp\release\9\_vip6\prodir\pfc\exception\ d:\vp\release\9\_vip6\prodir\pfc\filesystem\ tools\optimalincludes\optimalincludeform\ d:\vp\release\9\_vip6\prodir\pfc\gui\controls\button\ ...

Re: VIP 9.03 Optimal Includes Exception

Posted: 6 Apr 2020 7:56
by Thomas Linder Puls
Obviously, pfc\memory\ should not need any correction. We will look at the problem.

I am not sure I can remember the exact meaning of those things, I only use some of them. But as I recall it:

[Safe Gen...] will make it possible for you to inspect changes and revert them (we use a version control system, so we can easily revert things anyway, and therefore never use this option which makes the overall process much more work consuming).

[Generate] just does all update.

When using [Force] read-only files will be overwritten (but to overwrite things in Program Files (x86) you will also have to run the program in administrator mode).