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VIP 8 PE IDE MDI Window commands

Posted: 1 Feb 2018 14:13
by Harrison Pratt
Is there any plan to add the MDI Window menu commands that existed in the IDE menu bar of previous versions?

  • Cascade
    Horizontal tile
    Vertical tile
    Arrange icons
I use those frequently in 7.5. They are very handy when working with multiple files.

Re: VIP 8 PE IDE MDI Window commands

Posted: 2 Feb 2018 9:51
by Thomas Linder Puls
No, such plans do not exist.

Vip 8 has shifted from a traditional MDI layout management to a "workspace" layout management.
  • The windows snaps into a grid (the grid is invisible and quite fine grained)
  • They will not be able to move outside the work area (so the task/application window will not have scroll bars)
  • They will retain their position when closed and reopened
  • They will retain their relative size/position when the task/application window is resized
  • They cannot be maximized or minimized
The purpose of all this is that you arrange your windows in a layout that is suitable for you, and then use that layout "always".

The IDE keeps track of two different layouts
  • one for non-debugging and
  • one for debugging (where you work with an additional set of windows that will also have to fit into they layout)
I believe the idea works best for those people that enjoy working with a "single" editor window (Window -> Lock All Editor Windows together). I work like that and then I have Notepad++ (and TextPad) bound as Tools (Tools -> Configure Tools...) so that I can also open files in an external "floating" editor window.

Notepad++ should be configured with these attributes: $(file) -n$(line) -c$(column)
TextPad with these: $(file)($(line),$(column))

Anyways, the "workspace" idea is in conflict with dramatic rearrange actions like cascading, etc. Therefore there are no plans of reintroducing those operations.

Re: VIP 8 PE IDE MDI Window commands

Posted: 2 Feb 2018 15:59
by Harrison Pratt
Good answer! The new IDE uses "the principle of least astonishment!" :-)

That really is easier to use than the old MDI approach.

On my VP 8 CE installation scroll bars actually do appear if I slide any window beyond the edge of the IDE window. Then if I do even a tiny resize of the IDE all the editor windows stack. That's not a problem, it's just a little different than you described. Of course, Ctrl-Tab enables one to quickly cycle through the stacked windows.

Dragging an editor window to the bottom of the IDE will minimize it --cool!

That's a good tip on the Notepad++ Tool setting -- that's what I've been using.

Re: VIP 8 PE IDE MDI Window commands

Posted: 5 Feb 2018 10:49
by Thomas Linder Puls
In general windows should be "cut" into size when you release the mouse button after a move. But it seems that for example the "Find and Replace" dialog is not handled properly. Perhaps yo have discovered some other window that is not handled properly.