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Edit Control Insert Text, Clear Text, Get Text

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Hi there,

Right now I am using this code to insert and clear text in an Edit Control

To insert I use

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Msg = string::format("% \n %", edit1_ctl:getText(), "Some text"), edit1_ctl:setText(Msg).
and to clear just

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which is the right way to do this ?

I checked in the class and there should be an insert/add text and clear text functionality.

Thank you, bye.
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Ferenc Nagy
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You have solved the clearing of the text correctly.
The insertion needs an insertion point.

The insertion needs a selection within the edited text.
You can set it by

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selectText : (charCount First, charCount Last).
and get it using

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getTextSelection : (charCount First [out], charCount Last [out]).
You can split the whole contents by the edit control

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edit_ctl:getText()=WholeText, edit_ctl:getTextSelection(First,Last), string::splitLength(WholeText,[First,Last-First,string:length(WholeText)-Last)=[Front,_Throwaway,Tail], edit_ctl:setText(string::concat(Front,Inserted,Tail)).
TIA, Regards,
Frank Nagy
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Thomas Linder Puls
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You could also consider using a messageControl instead.
Regards Thomas Linder Puls
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