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Is latest release running under Windows XP still available ?

Posted: 5 May 2016 1:15
by PYB
Hi there,

1- I want to know what was the latest PE release running under Windows XP ?

2 - Can I download that release and still get an activation key ?

Because I am still using XP and the latest release doesn't work under XP

Thank you, bye.

Posted: 5 May 2016 2:11
by Harrison Pratt
VIP PE worked fine for me on XP. What problems are you having?

Posted: 12 May 2016 14:59
by PYB
I completely forgot that I had a discussion on that subject here. ... hlight=PYB

I should not add this one. Sorry. I am a very occasional user. Ounce a year if not less !

I found a workaround to this problem but I will add it in the right discussion not here.

* If the moderator can delete this one it is an useless discussion for users.