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Uniform cost search

Posted: 30 Apr 2016 14:45
by ailia
Hello everyone!
I am a beginner and need help in writing a code for uniform cost search. I have only one day foe this and i don't even know how to start... please help

Posted: 30 Apr 2016 15:23
by ailia
helpppppp please its urgent :cry:

Posted: 30 Apr 2016 17:26
by Kari Rastas
Well it took me 5 seconds to find information about your problem and even hints for the needed prolog code. Write to Google "uniform cost search prolog" and read a couple of the links. Then ...

Posted: 1 May 2016 11:07
by Ferenc Nagy
What is the difference between the simple Traveling Salesman Problem and the "uniform cost search"?
Do the costs of moving to one node to another depend not only from their distances?
I have a contribution in the Tips and samples branch of this forum.

Please write more details about your problem.