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7.4 & 7.5 PE is OK, 7.1 & 7.3 codes are black blocks.

Posted: 9 Jan 2015 15:47
by Jason_6
There is something wrong with my codes' showing.(as shown in my attchment)
In Visual prolog 7.4 & 7.5 PE, it is OK,
however,in VIP 7.1 & 7.3, codes are black blocks,which can't be read and edited.
I'm confused, could you tell me why and how to solve it?
P.S:My OS information------Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Thanks in advance! :-)

Posted: 9 Jan 2015 23:10
by Thomas Linder Puls
Sometime long ago Microsoft pushed a Windows Update that made this happen.

If you contact with your license information may be able to help you.