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by Matthias Greving
21 Jan 2009 13:35
Forum: Visual Prolog
Topic: Vip 7.2 popupWindow how to use?
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Vip 7.2 popupWindow how to use?

Hello, in the release notes of Vip 7.2 I saw the new class popupWindow. Today I tested it, I get a dialog, but I don't see how it is intended to be used. The help file does not provide much information. Is there an example / documeantation around on how to use it? Especially the predicate layout() ,...
by Matthias Greving
21 Jan 2009 12:24
Forum: Visual Prolog
Topic: Can't set breakpoints
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I have the same problem and I can reproduce it. If I create a new object in a project, a form or a class for example, I can place breakpoints but they are ignored when running the program.
When I close the project and open it again, the breakpoints work properly.

by Matthias Greving
5 Dec 2008 9:26
Forum: Visual Prolog
Topic: listEdit bug / problem
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listEdit bug / problem

Hello, while testing a change in my application I came across a bug/problem with a listEdit in a form (dialogs work fine). Can you please check if this is a bug or just related to my PC. I found this issue in VIP7103 and VIP7201. Here is what I did (I have also added a small project to this post): -...