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by Eduardo Costa
30 Jan 2010 20:50
Forum: Visual Prolog
Topic: Visual Prolog Book+Independent Distribution
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Hi, Thomas. I am talking about publishing for e-readers. In the USA, college students are using e-readers for most readings. Therefore, it would be interesting to have a Visual Prolog book for e-readers. I am thinking in something like Haskell for the Real World, Kindle edition. There is also a Kind...
by Eduardo Costa
14 Jun 2007 2:54
Forum: Visual Prolog
Topic: Prolog and games
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I have seen many interesting games in Visual Prolog; a few years ago, Alex Soares created bindings for Direct X, and developed a few impressive games in Visual Prolog 5.2, like a Doom like first person labyrinth adventure game. Having seen Alex's work, I am convinced that Visual Prolog is perfectly ...