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by Randy
26 Jan 2015 11:12
Forum: Visual Prolog
Topic: how to remove duplicates of facts ?
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Math at it's Best

Gentlemen - I am awed by this international Math collaboration. Thanks for sharing.

Best Regards,
by Randy
7 Dec 2014 11:05
Forum: Visual Prolog
Topic: Android OS support?
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Worthy Reaserch

Just a small note regarding the Android OS, is that it rides pretty heavily and was a joint effort (mainly by Google I believe) to standardize one implementation of the open source Linux OS, used by many in the Tablet and Phone industry. You may wish to research Linux variations of Prolog and the An...
by Randy
6 Nov 2013 11:40
Forum: Visual Prolog
Topic: Debugger hanging
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Mystery Hangup

Martin, As a shot in the dark, there are somethings you can experiment with due to the newness of Microsoft in the 64bit world. One is to experiment with setting the compatability properties of the Vip executables. Another is to go to the Service settings and temporarily stop/disable maybe some of t...
by Randy
17 Jul 2010 10:57
Forum: Visual Prolog Tips & Samples
Topic: Hello World video tutorial
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Hi Thomas,

I liked the video, it was really neat. Hope more are to come.

by Randy
8 Feb 2010 4:07
Forum: Visual Prolog
Topic: Visual Prolog Book+Independent Distribution
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Eduardo, For what it's worth, my publisher supports the E-Book option and I tried that with my first book on Golf Etiquette (, which is available as a Paperback as well as E-Book. I have mixed emotions about the E-Book option though, as they are created with Adob...