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by sbishop61
29 Jun 2021 22:17
Forum: Visual Prolog
Topic: Com Creation
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Com Creation

I have used the comWrapper tool to create class and interfaces for an comDispInterface (automation) server. The wrapped classes have zero arity constructors. One of the classes returns an iDispatch object of the second class type. How do I create the class object from the iDispatch object? class DVD...
by sbishop61
11 Jun 2021 10:35
Forum: Visual Prolog
Topic: Prodoc error
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Prodoc error

I am trying to use prodoc.exe to build documentation of the PIE project in the examples. The @filename, PIE10Doc.txt, contains: -2 -d "C:\Users\steph\Documents\Visual Prolog 10CE Examples\pie" -c *.png -r -o sab -e prodoc-err.log -v -db sab.dba -b sab\pie_cl.htm -y *.cl *.i and the result ...
by sbishop61
29 May 2021 15:36
Forum: Visual Prolog
Topic: An Object 'pointer' - how to store references to objects
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An Object 'pointer' - how to store references to objects

I am sorry to ask such a basic question, but I have tied myself in knots over this. I would like to have an object that has a reference (pointer) to another object, not an embedded copy of the object. In fact a list of pointers to objects something like tuple(classname, objectref)* I probably haven'...
by sbishop61
18 May 2021 9:54
Forum: Visual Prolog
Topic: IDE: intellisense autocomplete PFC classes
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IDE: intellisense autocomplete PFC classes

I am probably making a basic mistake, but I was hoping that the IDE would provide autocomplete popups with PFC classes etc. For example I add the Web/json package to the project and build. That adds in all of the required packages. In the editor in a .pro file I type in JSON = jsonObject:: and it do...
by sbishop61
9 May 2021 10:02
Forum: Visual Prolog
Topic: Using generated LALRGen parser as Scilexer
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Using generated LALRGen parser as Scilexer

coming back to VIP after many years Vip6CE.
I was wondering whether/how you can use a generated parser as a Scilexer for the edit control?
I would like to use a generated parser:
  • Parse text in editor window with error reporting
    Colour/format text in window
    Both on opening a file and on a change